Module houses

Covering a wide selection of housing styles customized for every clients needs and requirements. Pilana Pljackovica is offering quality products with a fast and professional approach. The walls are made by high quality materials, which provide good heating, hydro and sound proof insulation. The outside facade can be made from wood or board gypsum, as you see fit.

The construction: fully completed house which includes:

– Architecture, Construction Static, Electric and Pluming and drain plans from certificate companies.

– Concrete slab for the base, concrete slab or wooden construction for the first floor.

The wooden construction between the ground floor and the first floor is made from fir wood boards and laths, OSB plates, thermal insulation finished with laminate flooring or wooden flooring.

– Cross section wall composition:

  •    Wooden construction
  •    Thermal insulation
  •    Hydro insulation
  •    Industrial plywood
  •    Styrofoam
  •    Outdoor waterproof gypsum with rough patern
  •    Standard indoor gypsum

-The roof construction is calculated from an Engineer:

  •    Roof truss from fir wood
  •    Covered with fir wood boards
  •    Thermal insulation
  •    Hydro insulation
  •    Sheet metal or roof tiles
  •    Gutter, windshield and snow shield

-Electric installation

-Pluming and Drain installation

-Indoor work:

  •    Laminate flooring or wooden flooring.
  •    Ceramic tiles
  •    Doors and windows
  •    Sanitary wear

Every build in product is with certificate

For your ease we give 15 years construction guarantee, for the build in materials 3 years guarantee. Included in the price is remote control system, managed from your smart phone: the electrical appliances can be turn on and off. The price is variable depending on the station of the house and your desires. With the initial description of the house and your desires we can give you final price.

Advantages with this type of construction:

  1. Significantly quicker construction
  2. Can be more than 25% cost effective
  3. More reliable seismic resistance
  4. Better insulation

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